Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome! Send me an email to or outlining the following: 

  • Colors wanted
  • Time Frame Needed
  • Material Preferences
  • Your location or zip code
  • Photos of things to match

 A deposit in the form of a custom listing of 50% will be required on orders over $20 if your request is something we can accept. he deposit is nonrefundable once work has begun and materials purchased. Upon completion, a 2nd custom listing plus shipping will be provided to you along with final photos.

TIME FRAMES: No new custom orders are accepted from November 20 through January 7. Please order in advance for your holiday gift needs. Otherwise, expected time frames for completion are as follows: 

  • Jewelry:  1 week per item
  • Bridal bouquets - 3 weeks
  • Bridal accessories - 2 days to 1 week each piece
  • Home Decor items: 2 to 4 weeks per item
  • Small Stained Glass Angels:  10 days per angel
  • Large Stained Glass:  3 to 6 months
  • Victorian Ornaments: I prefer no custom orders on these.  They are a creation from the heart and I am only able to create a few each year. If I do accept a request, please allow 4 to 9 weeks for completion.