About Us

Thank you for stopping by!  We are excited to be opening our own website in late 2016 combining Barb's  jewelry with the bridal silks and Victorian items Barb makes, as well as Dave's stained glass. Our new shop can be found either through OdysseyCreations.NET or BZOriginals.com. While this shop  will have a focus on bridal in our Color Collectinos, we will carry full inventory of everything on both Etsy sites plus some.

We started our journey together as newlyweds in 2003 with Barb making Victorian ornaments to be with Dave while he made stained glass. Together we were a hit and we changed the name from Odyssey Stained Glass to Odyssey Creations, LLC.  It has become a growing passion of creativity and a journey of growing our business together with the goal in mind that this business would be our retirement business.  We did art and craft shows for a few years and then opened Odyssey Creations on Etsy in 2008 and a year later branched into our other shops BZ Originals for Barb's jewelry and Odyssey Cache for supplies that we also use to create things.  We eventually quit shows in 2010 and in 2016 created www.OdysseyCache.com as an independent site. 

We both retired from our full time jobs in 2013/2014.  The result of building our supplies line over the years has resulted in a wonderful, extensive pallet of jewelry beads, stained glass, silk flowers, beautiful beaded fringes and trims, ribbons and ornaments of every color you can imagine.  We are working in an artists delight and it just continues to grow as do our creative processes now that we are so much more focused on our websites and our creations.   

Our motto is to make the world  a more beautiful place one creation at a time.  The continuing flow of gratitude and praises from our faithful as well as new customers is what will keep us going for a long time.  Thank you so much for all of YOU! !

Barb & Dave Zinkhan  (continue shopping)