About Our Products

About Our Products

Dave, being a former engineer, and Barb, being a former legal assistant, both have an eye for detail and a taste for quality.  Our products reflect just that.

Over the years, Barb's creations have grown more and more detailed, with bridal bouquets and accessories being further accented with beads, pearls, even semiprecious stones, and some ornaments having over 150 hand set Swarovski crystal and pearls. She prefers the use of 14k gold fill, 22k gold vermeil, and sterling silver on her jewelry creations, but utilizes all metals to create not only higher end jewelry, but affordable jewelry as well.  Swarovski, Czech glass and semiprecious stones can be used not only in jewelry but in bridal creations as well, creating custom charms on bouquets in birthstones, crystal hearts on stained glass, and more. Every piece is unique and different.

Dave has been doing stained glass since 1977 and has created large window inserts, but makes mostly smaller items that are easier to mail currently. His technique is impeccable and he copper foils and wraps in lead every single piece for durability while creating smooth soldered edges, then sealed it with patina finishes.

About Jewelry and Guaranty

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About Custom Orders

We welcome custom orders, but please allow plenty of time for completion.  Our work is not something that can be done in a hurry. See more information about custom orders here.  Please contact us if there is something special we can make to make your wedding, or your home, a more special event and place in time.

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