Happy Holidays to everyone!  We are just opening this site, so your patience is appreciated.  I have over 400 listings uploaded that need to be edited for this format and made public.  Some will be added daily. 

This shop is a combination of two of our Etsy shops, BZ Originals and Odyssey Creations,  plus the brooches on our Odyssey Cache shop, to make this a one stop shop for custom bridal needs to include bouquets, bridal accessories, centerpieces, wall hangings, as well a jewelry and even brooches to add to your custom bouquet or one already made. 

Our home decor including ornaments, wreaths, door swags and stained glass items will also be here, with new items being added regularly. This is an exciting move for us as this shop will allow organization and eventually more customized abilities for our shoppers. 

While we do ship worldwide, the large wreaths cannot be shipped overseas due to size, and I think you will find the shipping costs too high to consider. Shipping is based on weight to your location. 

Thank you for stopping by and do check back!  Merry Christmas to all and we wish you the very best for the new year!

Barb & Dave Zinkhan


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