Summer News - What is Your Path in Life?


As many of you know, I am an avid gardener. This year I spent most of the months of May and June in the gardens. Hence, I did not get as many new items made as I normally do. I do find the gardens a continuous source of inspiration though and that inspiration is moving me towards new creations even more centered around gardening.  One of my new favorite bracelet patterns is called Pebble Lane, and you will soon be seeing these in a variety of colors.  It reminds of a garden path, a path to follow in your walk in life, an inspiration of texture, shapes and colors, blending, yet in unison.

More and more, beadwork jewelry is calling my name. Yes, I still love my ornaments, and currently have two in the nursery, and will always love creating one of a kind bridal creations that just thrill my customers and make their special day even more special (thanks so much for all the feedback and support).

So stay tuned for new creations as gardening time is now winding down. I am still enjoying the newer day lilies and just planted 5 new ones yesterday giving us over 80 varieties now. Now my daily gardening time is only an hour or two most days. Amazing the plants that God has created for us to enjoy. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay tuned for new items and perhaps a promotion or two before the end of the year!  Blessing to all of you and thank you for visiting, stopping and shopping. Give some thought to what your path in life is and drop a line if you want to share.

Barb Z

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